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Apart from criminal homicide and assault crimes, sex crimes are another category of “offenses involving danger to the person,” which involve severe penalties and lasting repercussions for those convicted of these offenses.

Chapter 31 of the Crimes Code (Title 18) sets forth the vast majority of sex crimes in Pennsylvania. The most commonly prosecuted are these:

Sex crimes rank among some of the most difficult crimes to both prosecute and defend because the circumstances surrounding these offenses almost never happen in public. Generally they occur in a private setting where only the complainant and the accused are present. In that regard, sex-crime trials often boil down to competing versions of what occurred: a true he-said-she-said scenario. But sometimes they may also involve DNA or other forensic evidence.

Whatever the evidence may be in these cases, those accused of sex crimes must be mindful that there are certain things built into the law that the accused must contend with when preparing their defense, which often times might feel unfair and a seeming benefit to the prosecution. These are more or less legal guideposts that set what’s in and out of bounds for trial.

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