Drug offenses are common. For nearly three decades, the “war on drugs” has precipitated over-zealous prosecution of drug crimes, which often has come at a cost to individual liberties.

Upholding Your Rights.

In Pennsylvania, the Controlled Substance, Drug, Device, Cosmetic Act, 35 P.S. § 780-101 et seq., is the law that penalizes illegal possession and delivery of controlled substances. If you have been charged under this law for possessing or delivering an illegal drug, then likely your charges arose from a search or seizure of some sort. Even though both the state and federal constitutions place great limits on law enforcement to stop and search you, incriminating evidence may have nonetheless been gathered against you in violation of your rights.

If you face drug charges, before you do or say anything on your behalf, allow attorney Ryan H. James to closely examine your case and determine whether it resulted from an illegal search and seizure. Your rights are important. If you have been subject to an improper search and seizure, attorney James will file necessary motions in an effort to exclude unlawfully obtained at trial. In some cases, prevailing on such motions may result a complete dismissal of your case.

Pennsylvania affords greater privacy protections than the Fourth Amendment of United States Constitution. At James Law, we provide aggressive criminal defense to ensure you receive the full benefit of those protections. If you have been charged with a drug crime, contact us as soon as possible.

Pressing for Advantages for First-Time Offenders.

A first-time arrest does not have to be debilitating for the rest of your life. Your clean record and all of the opportunities tied to it is not necessarily gone forever. Pennsylvania has pretrial diversion programs available to first-time offenders that can minimize some of the consequences of an unfortunate drug charge.

Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition, often referred to as “ARD,” is a program available to some first-time drug offenders. ARD requires that a criminal defendant submit to and undergone rehabilitative measures in lieu of facing trial and criminal prosecution. Though every county has its own unique ARD program and eligibility requirements, a consistent hallmark of the program every county is that there is no plea or finding of guilt.

To determine if ARD is available for you, it is important that you talk to an experienced lawyer like Ryan H. James.

Get Your Criminal Defense Questions Answered Today.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug offense, the time to act is now. The government has unlimited resources at its disposal, and it is important that you have competent counsel moving forward. Email our McKeesport office or call 412-977-1827 and schedule a free consultation with James Law to evaluate your options today.