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Being charged with a crime is serious and often disorienting. Although you are “innocent until proven guilty,” facing criminal charges without competent legal counsel is never wise. The police and prosecuting authorities, with unlimited resources, play a role in our criminal justice system that is purposefully designed to be “adverse” to the criminally accused. Simply put, if you’re charged with a crime, your interests take a back seat to the interests of the community at large, who the police and prosecuting authorities seek convictions for. In this way, facing criminal charges can be an uphill battle.

Nearly half of the Bill of Rights protect the interests of the criminally accused. Here, we make sure you receive the benefit of each right and put the Commonwealth to task.

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The McKeesport Daily News named attorney James, founder of James Law, the 2014 Readers’ Choice (Gold Award) Winner for “Best Attorney.” As a criminal defense attorney, attorney James has successfully represented defendants in many types of criminal cases, including:

If you desire to go to trial, criminal lawyer Ryan H. James will confidently put the prosecution to task, requiring the Commonwealth to prove every single element of its cases against you beyond a reasonable doubt.

When your liberty or reputation is on the line, contact James Law for a competent and aggressive criminal defense. We will discuss your rights, interests, and potential defense strategies with you and empower you to make informed decisions about how to address the charges you face. Here, we are not afraid to go to trial and appeal convictions.

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If you or a loved one is facing a criminal charge in Pennsylvania, it is critical that you understand your rights and begin building a defense strategy as soon as possible. James Law will provide you with a free initial consultation. Please call 412-977-1827 or contact us online to begin this process today.