Civil litigation. Fundamentally, the process of using the courts to rectify or stop the effects of another’s wrongful acts. Increasingly complex, expensive, and unpredictable, if you are proceeding through the courts as a plaintiff or defendant without counsel you do so at your own peril.

At James Law, our attorneys have the experience, foresight, and good judgment to guide you through the courts if you are pursuing a lawsuit or defending against one. We know that success in litigation is about preparation and organization. Our focus is to involve you in the process to collaborate in accomplishing specific goals and crafting practical, cost-effective solutions. Be it in proceedings before the magistrate, administrative boards, arbitration, or the court of common pleas, attorney James is a proven litigator and negotiator to get you from point A to Z.

Helping You Find Solutions to the Most Important Problems.

James Law has experience and success assisting clients with these common, complicated legal dilemmas:

Contractual Matters

Employment contracts, non-compete agreements, real-estate sales agreements, leases, service agreements, home improvement contracts, business-business litigation, breach of oral and written contracts, and breach of insurance agreements.

Consumer Protection

Claims for violation of the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law, Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act, the Plain Language Consumer Contract Act, as well as claims for violations of the Uniform Commercial Code and breaches of warranty cases.

Real Estate

Seller Disclosure violations, residential and commercial leasing disputes, landlord-tenant complaints, quiet-title actions, nuisance and trespass claims, land-use and zoning appeals, eminent domain, and property-line disputes.

Whether you need a lawyer to help you prepare for an administrative hearing or for defending or pursuing a lawsuit, you must understand the legal landscape you are about to enter. At James Law, we have the passion and experience to help you fight for what the law entitles you.

Contact a Skilled, Proven Litigator and Negotiator.

When a legal battle is inevitable, Ryan H. James has the experience and knowledge to help you effectively resolve your problems. If you are heading for court, make James Law your firm of choice to assist you. Contact us online or call our McKeesport, Pennsylvania, office directly at 412-977-1827 to schedule a free consultation.