The background.

I frequently recognize the privilege that’s mine to be trusted to protect my clients’ most valuable assets: life, liberty, property, and reputation. Like all things, too, that we’re privileged to do, the privilege seldom comes without toil. And that’s been true of the history of this practice.

Hard work forged the founding of this firm, and that founding happened in McKeesport, Pennsylvanian. I started James Law nearly out of law school out of the spare room of my home. I did so while working an early-morning shift with a home-improvement retailer.

Hard work has never been something I’ve shied away from. It, in fact, is what got me through law school at the top of my class, and it’s what propelled me to drive two, two-hour round trips, while in law school, to clerk with a private practice and a public-defenders’ office and to commute to Detroit, staying overnights, to intern with a Michigan Supreme Court justice (without pay).

Hard work beats talent when
talent doesn’t work hard.
– Tim Notke

That’s been the road leading to the inception of this firm. And early on that road went in some pretty remarkable directions. Along with my deep-seated desire to practice law and the confidence that I could do so with the best, I took on nearly any case that presented me the opportunity to make an argument in court. My early engagements, in that regard, covered the spectrum: I opposed large public universities, national insurance companies, public utilities, and dioceses, always with an eye to pursue justice . . . wherever it may be found.

I did so, though, always with a passion and eye towards criminal defense.

Justice, only justice, shalt thou pursue.
– Deut. 16:20